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Each painting displayed on my shop page is a combination of those I have commissioned and sold, as well as original pieces which are now for sale. If you see the one you like and the original has been sold, please refer to my prints price list below or get in touch to enquire about my high quality fine art prints, all sourced from Dublin.


For all other pricing, please click on the painting you like and the price will be displayed. 


Commissions are available from £400 and I am happy for you to get in touch if you have something specific in mind you would like me to paint. 

 Thank you for your interest and happy shopping!

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"I have always been a great fan of early mornings, especially in a place I’m finding myself for the first-time in. That chilly air but warm twilight, that loud silence just before everything starts rocking, that all witnessed by the sun, nature and me. I got myself a painting by Lou Mac Artist capturing exactly that as my birthday present. I won’t bother you with ‘well made, good quality etc’ of course it is. The important thing is, however, what artists soul hears and feels. That’s what we attempt to interpret in our art. That’s what I find valuable and special in Lou’s work. Always a spot on my wall. Thank you very much for this piece of Art."


Petr Nehyba - ‘The Red Bridge’, Cullen, Scotland.

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