My life is my art

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

I’ve painted since I was a teenager, mainly still life and scenery. As my travels have taken me all over the world, my art has evolved to reflect not just amazing scenic locations at home but places far away.

Places that to me, tell a story with buildings and points of interest at the heart of each piece. As I approach my mid 40’s I have decided to turn my passion into my career!

Originally from Corby, Northamptonshire, I moved to the North East of Scotland when I was 15 which exposed me to rugged landscapes and stunning scenery that allowed me a subject to paint. The freedom of expression this gave me was like a gift, as it allowed me to truly discover what art meant to me and what I was capable of creating.

I now live in Ireland where I have dedicated the majority of my time here to writing a non-fiction novel about my time as a backpacker. Maybe I will publish one day but for now my life is my art.

I hope you will share this new journey with me.

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