‘As the Dust Settles’ Ramsay Garden, Edinburgh.

Ramsay Garden captured my heart in the film ‘Women Talking Dirty’ where part of the setting was on this quintessential cul de sac overlooking the jewels of Edinburgh city. Isla Dewar, a Scottish Author and who also wrote the screenplay for this film I’ve always admired her skill with the word. She pieces characters together, that wouldn’t otherwise connect through angst and drama, with a dollop of comedy thrown in for good measure. I met Isla at a book reading and signing in the National Library of Scotland, on a trip home in 2019, a quiet spoken lady, until she falls into the voice of her characters. It was a pleasure to have read her books over the years and finally meet her in person. Cora, one of the main characters in Women Talking Dirty, lived on Ramsay Garden and I sought an adventure to go find the exact location myself in the early 2000’s. It was exactly the way it looked in the movie, chocolate box windows dotted all over, elegant doorways and stairwells, peculiar shapes but a feast for my eyes, twenty one years later, I painted it.

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