A painting inspired by Sherkin Island

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Every year for the last four years, my partner and I rent a holiday cottage near Baltimore in Ireland for a week. The cottage is on a goat farm and the owners have a beautiful farmhouse opposite.

Christmas is my favourite time to holiday there. We pack the car up with bags of peat, food, books and clothes and make our way on the four-hour journey South. Christine and Gwyn, the owners, always have the fire roaring, some mince pies, a little tree in the cottage window, fairy lights leading up the stairs and a warm welcome.

It was Christmas 2018, my partner and I decided to catch the ferry leaving Baltimore across to Sherkin Island. The ferry was a proper treat, it mainly had locals on it and it wasn’t for the faint hearted as the crossing was a little rough. Arriving on Sherkin Island we found ourselves venturing along the cliffs, where the rough seas battered against the rocks. The air catching my breath and blowing me over a little at times.

We followed what we assumed was the route around the island and found ourselves next to this wonderful house on the water. I was in awe of it’s location, isolated yet prominent on a slight rocky hill. It was dreamy, I captured it in a photograph and brought it to life on canvas.

We have booked our return for Christmas 2020 so look out for more paintings inspired by the unique landscape of Cork.


20 x 16 inches


£110.00 (Excluding framing, postage and packaging) | SOLD

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